We are Back!

Yes, we are back. Well we never really went away, we’ve just not been on this site for too many years as we’ve been hanging around the forums and facebook groups helping out where we can. Plus doing a few projects for folks tends to distract us from our real passion of helping people finding answers to questions relating to PC’s, Programming in PHP, Demystifying Frameworks like CodeIgniter and On and On!

So with everything I’ve been doing, people have been asking me… “Do you have a website where you put your tutorials on so I can see them?” And I’ve always replied, “well kind of but I’ve not put anything online for some time”.

So that’s about to change.

Ed and I have brought this blog back to life and from now on everything I do is going to end up on here.

So you’ll be able to come along and see what I’ve been up to, but more importantly, I’ll be able to come along and see what I have been up to! I’m such a huge fan of Google that I end up finding answers to all my problems, but it’d be very nice if I wrote about it on here so that myself and others can find the answers I’d come up with.

So here we are. Ready to start adding a ton of stuff which I hope you find useful.

I look forward to helping anyone that needs it.

Tim Brownlaw

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