How To Find Your Niche

My day started out talking to a man in a conference room about what a niche was and how do you find your niche. He asked the question how do I find mine. Well I have been helping people for about eight years work on the Internet. So with that question I went into my mentoring mode.

My reply to him was short a simple. I simply asked him what it was that he like to do and what his hobbies were. Then I went into listen mode. He started telling me of all the things that he was trained in and what he use to do as his main job. Then he started telling me about what he really like to do and that was his hobby.

This was good information for me to start to analyze what he was good at. Then he started telling me about his passion for model trains. Now I was getting excited about what I was hearing and I think we might have struck gold. With the information he just gave me got me thinking of how to best direct him on developing his passion. I could tell it was something he really enjoyed and could create the content for his niche.

It was almost like I turn a switch on an didn’t want to turn it off. After about a half hour of listening to him telling me all about how he did things connected to his hobby I finally said  Bingo. He sounded kinda surprised and said what do you mean bingo. I said there you go you have found your niche.

His niche turned out to be something I was interested in and wanted to pick his brain for all the he knew and how to do things in that niche. His niche was model HO scale trains and layouts. I knew if he peeked my interest that there are 1000’s of people out there that would be looking for the information you had to offer.

Finding your niche doesn’t have to be hard, find someone who would be willing to just listen to you talk. Then start talking about the things you love to do. It won’t be long and you will have enough information to write a book about. In that information will be your niche. Everybody has a niche or two in them. You just have to dig it out. It also helps to have someone who shares your interest to help you cultivate it.

Learning at LOMS
Ed Black

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