Month: February 2011

How To Find Your Niche

My day started out talking to a man in a conference room about what a niche was and how do you find your niche. He asked the question how do I find mine. Well I have been helping people for

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Getting Your First Computer – Read This First

I remember when I got my first computer. I heard about all the things a computer could do and what they had to offer and wanted in on it. I ran out and bought my first lap top. I couldn’t wait to get home and start my new adventure. Took it out of the box and put it on my desk, opened it up and looked it all over for a good half hour and said to myself, NOW WHAT.

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Problem solving by writing to yourself

Which I hope isn’t deemed to be a sign of insanity as talking to yourself is by some folk. Of course I never do that, do I? – No you don’t! Thats good then. – Thank you… Ok back to

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