Monday, January 23rd, 2017

We are Back!

Yes, we are back. Well we never really went away, we’ve just not been on this site for too many years as we’ve been hanging around the forums and facebook groups helping out where we can. Plus doing a few projects for folks tends to distract us from our real passion of helping people finding answers to questions relating to PC’s, Programming in PHP, Demystifying Frameworks like CodeIgniter... [Read more]

The Steps I take when creating a new Website Project.

I’ve just started a new topic in the forum regarding the Steps I take when creating a new Website Project. It talks about the folder structure and the files I create before I even start creating the website itself. You can follow it in the Forum.   Cheers Learning at LOMS  Read More →

How To Find Your Niche

My day started out talking to a man in a conference room about what a niche was and how do you find your niche. He asked the question how do I find mine. Well I have been helping people for about eight years work on the Internet. So with that question I went into my mentoring mode. My reply to him was short a simple. I simply asked him what it was that he like to do and what his hobbies were. Then... [Read more]

Getting Your First Computer – Read This First

I remember when I got my first computer. I heard about all the things a computer could do and what they had to offer and wanted in on it. I ran out and bought my first lap top. I couldn’t wait to get home and start my new adventure. Took it out of the box and put it on my desk, opened it up and looked it all over for a good half hour and said to myself, NOW WHAT. It had keys on it like a typewriter... [Read more]

Problem solving by writing to yourself

Which I hope isn’t deemed to be a sign of insanity as talking to yourself is by some folk. Of course I never do that, do I? – No you don’t! Thats good then. – Thank you… Ok back to reality. One of the biggest issues is getting what’s floating about in your Skull out onto something you can look at with your eyes and giving your brain a chance to look at things in “blocks”. Or “Doable”... [Read more]