Call to undefined method MY_Loader::_ci_object_to_array()

If you have been using Wiredesignz HMVC for CodeIgniter and have upgraded to CI 3.1.3, you would have been greeted by the following error message…

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Error

Message: Call to undefined method MY_Loader::_ci_object_to_array()

Filename: MX/Loader.php

Line Number: 300


This has been brought to Wiredesignz’s attention and is awaiting to be fixed, but to get you going for now, you can do the following.

On Line 300 of application/third_party/MX/Loader.php

A Pull request has been raised on this, so hopefully a permanent solution for this will appear in the near future.

And Kudos to WireDesignz for an excellent addition to the CodeIgniter Framework. This is just a little hiccup as the CodeIgniter Developers snuck this change in without telling anyone. So a big shout out to the CodeIgniter Devs for giving us an excellent PHP Framework, which I used for years, and for all their hard work and their continued development. It’s not an easy task!

A Better Way

The above is a good fix if you are going to be using CI 3.1.3. So this can be used on versions prior to 3.1.3, we could do the following.

So instead of testing for CI Versions, it just looks to see if the function in question that went missing in CI 3.1.3 is there or not. This effectively takes care of deciding which version of CI it’s being run on and uses the appropriate function call.

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We are Back!

Yes, we are back. Well we never really went away, we’ve just not been on this site for too many years as we’ve been hanging around the forums and facebook groups helping out where we can. Plus doing a few projects for folks tends to distract us from our real passion of helping people finding answers to questions relating to PC’s, Programming in PHP, Demystifying Frameworks like CodeIgniter and On and On!

So with everything I’ve been doing, people have been asking me… “Do you have a website where you put your tutorials on so I can see them?” And I’ve always replied, “well kind of but I’ve not put anything online for some time”.

So that’s about to change.

Ed and I have brought this blog back to life and from now on everything I do is going to end up on here.

So you’ll be able to come along and see what I’ve been up to, but more importantly, I’ll be able to come along and see what I have been up to! I’m such a huge fan of Google that I end up finding answers to all my problems, but it’d be very nice if I wrote about it on here so that myself and others can find the answers I’d come up with.

So here we are. Ready to start adding a ton of stuff which I hope you find useful.

I look forward to helping anyone that needs it.

Tim Brownlaw

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The Steps I take when creating a new Website Project.

I’ve just started a new topic in the forum regarding the Steps I take when creating a new Website Project.

It talks about the folder structure and the files I create before I even start creating the website itself.

You can follow it in the Forum.



Learning at LOMS
Tim Brownlaw

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How To Find Your Niche

My day started out talking to a man in a conference room about what a niche was and how do you find your niche. He asked the question how do I find mine. Well I have been helping people for about eight years work on the Internet. So with that question I went into my mentoring mode.

My reply to him was short a simple. I simply asked him what it was that he like to do and what his hobbies were. Then I went into listen mode. He started telling me of all the things that he was trained in and what he use to do as his main job. Then he started telling me about what he really like to do and that was his hobby.

This was good information for me to start to analyze what he was good at. Then he started telling me about his passion for model trains. Now I was getting excited about what I was hearing and I think we might have struck gold. With the information he just gave me got me thinking of how to best direct him on developing his passion. I could tell it was something he really enjoyed and could create the content for his niche.

It was almost like I turn a switch on an didn’t want to turn it off. After about a half hour of listening to him telling me all about how he did things connected to his hobby I finally said  Bingo. He sounded kinda surprised and said what do you mean bingo. I said there you go you have found your niche.

His niche turned out to be something I was interested in and wanted to pick his brain for all the he knew and how to do things in that niche. His niche was model HO scale trains and layouts. I knew if he peeked my interest that there are 1000’s of people out there that would be looking for the information you had to offer.

Finding your niche doesn’t have to be hard, find someone who would be willing to just listen to you talk. Then start talking about the things you love to do. It won’t be long and you will have enough information to write a book about. In that information will be your niche. Everybody has a niche or two in them. You just have to dig it out. It also helps to have someone who shares your interest to help you cultivate it.

Learning at LOMS
Ed Black

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Getting Your First Computer – Read This First

I remember when I got my first computer. I heard about all the things a computer could do and what they had to offer and wanted in on it. I ran out and bought my first lap top. I couldn’t wait to get home and start my new adventure. Took it out of the box and put it on my desk, opened it up and looked it all over for a good half hour and said to myself, NOW WHAT.

It had keys on it like a typewriter with a few extra buttons on it. I finally found a button that said power. So I pushed it. I was off to a good start now. I read about files and folders, ram and memory not having a clue what all these things were. I had to learn all over what a mouse was. It didn’t have any hair or legs.

The next thing I wanted to do was get connected to the Internet world then came the term www. Well being the gullible kind of guy I was, I said OK I’ll bite. What does www mean? Well I discovered it meant World Wide Web. Interesting concept.

Now I had to learn what an ISP was. Then I found out that you had to have one of these in order to access the Internet. Not knowing yet what doing a search was, I thought it was time to find someone who knew their way around a computer and all this techie stuff.

Me being in my fifties and thought I knew everything, I tried to figure this thing out myself. Not a good idea. After some time and a lot of reading I finally realized that there had to be an easier way to learn this stuff. So at that time I swallowed  my pride and went to the source that I knew understood all of this mumbo jumbo. A kid.

Found me one and after a lot of hours and some meals at McDonald’s fast food place, it started to sink in. I guess my advice to the newbie getting a computer is to save a ton of time and find someone who understands what all these things are and how to do this stuff and even pay them if you have to. Well worth the money.

Now you know about my experience with my first computer. What was yours ? You don’t have to scratch your head anymore. There are many places on the Internet to network with people and learn just about anything you want to know and some things you don’t. Knowledge is only a click away. Just Google a question and you will have more answers than you can cram into one  head……

Learning at LOMS
Ed Black

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